Diamond Sessions

Make Your Next Ski Trip to Aspen / Snowmass Sparkle with Diamond Session Group and Private Lessons!

The Diamond Session Pros have varied backgrounds, but they all:

  • Are master teachers. I've seen them train, ski/ride, and teach, and I personally guarantee their work.
  • Have mastered the Sports Diamond™, and how to use it to keep you moving and happy with your progress.
  • Are fully certified pros with vast and deep experience as skiers (or snowboarders) and teachers.
  • Are completely committed and trained to collaborate with you to create the best days you could ever have on the slopes.
  • Have gone through a testing process from our training department (The Aspen Academy) to see if they are really at the standard of the Diamond Pro.
  • Constantly participate in Diamond Training and many other training programs designed to make great pros even better.  They are fanatic about their training!

What's a Diamond Session? 

An all day private lesson, with a specially chosen pro, who, in addition to guiding you to your own goals, will: 

  • Teach you the most current and achievable skiing/riding skills.
  • Show you a way to understand, manage, and sustain your improvement (both in skiing and in other sports)
  • Help you turn each day into a brilliant and fun day no matter what your performance level.
  • Oh yeah! You also get Weems Westfeldt's book about learning and skiing:  Brilliant Skiing, Every Day. (This is the revised edition.)

That's a lot! But if we could reduce it to one sentence, it wouldn't be worth the money!

Through the use of the Sports Diamond™ you'll learn how to take charge of your own development so you can always become unstuck, to collaborate with the pro to design your own lessons, and to self-coach better when you're on your own. Your skiing will be better and your understanding will be clearer than you've ever imagined.

As an added bonus, the Sports Diamond™ is a completely transferable model. In other words, you can use what you learn in your ski lesson to become a better golfer, cyclist, musician, and life partner. (Preliminary evidence suggests that this will also make you wiser, younger, wealthier, and better looking! And, of course, it will get rid of unsightly wrinkles, lower cholesterol, and clean your teeth.)

What's a Diamond Session Pro?

This season we have 110 top pros from our 1300 member ski/snowboard school.  I have deep respect for all the pros in our school, but the Diamond Session Pros are the ones that I personally go to for coaching in my own skiing and teaching. And I seek out coaching often!!!  In fact, one of the criteria of a Diamond Pro is to keep it fresh through constant training.


  • Sessions are available each day at all four mountains and run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Reservations are required.
  • To reserve your Private Diamond Session, call toll free 877-282-7736. 
  • Or call directly to Private Lesson sales staff at each mountain. 
  • Snowmass--970 923 8716, Aspen Highlands--970 544 3020, Aspen Mountain--970 925 1227, Buttermilk--970 920 0788
  • Prices: 7 day advance purchase price — $745/day.  In-Resort price — $795/day
  • Questions?  Call Weems:  970 544 3089

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I like the Diamond concept and kept pausing the videos to review it. Immediately started playing with the ideas. Clear explanation and loved the examples from each corner. Could use this concept for teaching most anything!

— Kathleen Conway, President, Camden Communications Inc.
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